The ThermaLift Procedure is a revolutionary non-surgical technique for tightening aging skin with no incisions, no scars, and no downtime in the vast majority of cases. It has also been used to produce clearing of acne without oral medications. A new device, the ThermaCool(tm) by Thermage, can tighten your loose skin and wrinkles by generating a special form of radio frequency, which produces heating of the deep skin. This may also shrink oil glands in the skin, which may account for improvement in complexion and acne. The simultaneous application of an internal cooling spray chills the surface thus preventing burns.

Because heating the tissue can be uncomfortable, patients are treated with nerve blocks similar to those administered for dental procedures. In addition, many patients request oral and intramuscular sedatives and pain relievers to produce a comfortable and pleasant experience. All patients should arrange for a ride home so they can receive relaxing medications. Complications are uncommon. There has been redness, localized swelling, and transient depressions and nodules. Superficial blisters and scars have also been reported.